Life in Kaski Kot is both difficult (mainly beacause of the hygenic condition, I'll explain further) and relaxing. My staying in Kaski Kot is the most memorable part of my trip. Compared with Kaski Kot and Pokhara, the heat, non-stop beep beep sound, the crowd and air pollution in Kathmandu didn't make me feel relaxing. Of course, the cultural and historical sites (Bodanath, the Monkey Temple, Bhatapur,Patan..) are worth visiting.
Bishnu and her family are extremely nice to me. I feel very comfortable staying with them. Kaski Kot is also a very nice place. The villagers are friendly. The scenery is beautiful. Pokhara is just about 1.5 hr from Kaski Kot.
For the placement, it's good that it's just about 5 minutes from the host family. It would however be better if the teachers there would give me a briefing before I started, e.g. the standard of the students, advice on what I should teach, how many periods a day. It turned out to be very flexible in terms of what I could teach, the number of periods per day, the duration of each period. Having said that, the teachers and principle were very friendly to me. It would be advisable to have a local teacher staying in the classroom to assist in translation (if needed) and maintain discipline. I hope the above advices are useful to the future volunteers. All in all, I love the host family, the school, the students and Kaski Kot.


We had a very good time volunteering in Sarangkot, just up the hill from Pokhara. This summer of 2006 provided us with an experience that was enriching.

Robyn from a partner organization of ACDF had made sure that someone came to meet us at the airport. We spent two days in Kathmandu where he helped us adapt and provided us with important and helpful basics of Nepalese culture and language. Thus prepared we set out for Pokhara where Krishna and Krishna warmly received us. The next day we went up to Sarangkot, met the family we stayed with and had our first visit at the school where we would work. We found the work very interesting; to see different methods, to receive and give input about teaching strategies and to work in an environment that is so different yet with social issues so similar. We were glad to contribute a bit to the community by teaching English, some Science and Computing). The host family was welcoming and open-minded.

We also liked the experience to attend a workshop ACDF had organized for its own members. Along with our volunteering experience, it made us aware of many cultural differences and helped us reflect about ourselves. We are thankful for a time and experience that was and still is precious to us.

Bianca Levesque & Werner Schuler
Frankfurt, Germany

I feel lost for words... I've had an amazing time in my 5 weeks in Sarangkot, Kaski (NEPAL)- have lots of great memories to take home! I've met so many great people and seen so much. Thanks ACDF Nepal and Krishna for such a brilliant time, I'm definitely coming back to Nepal! xxx

Lindsey Miller
Woodbridge, UK

This has definitely been the most memorable six weeks of my life - they've been so good that I really dont want to go home yet! From my very first day I have been made to feel so welcome even children in the village would come and greet me everyday and ask how I was.

I love Pokhara, Nepal, the people, the land and the food so much. This has been the best experience of my life and as soon as the chance arises again I will come back for as long as possible.

Thank you ACDF Nepal for placing me in such a lovely community - with a very special family and with very beautiful children.

Sarah Parker, Scotland

My experience in Nepal has been unlike any other of my life. I have learned more than I ever imagined about Nepali culture, food, history, traditions, geography and lifestyle.

I have gone from emotions of fear to excitement , from sadness to happiness. I have truly been able to immerse myself in another culture and have found Nepalese to be the most friendly and generous people I have ever met.

This has been an eye- opening experience that I know I will never forget. I feel lucky to have had the chance to participate in such a program.

Sheila Hoffman,
Maple Grove, MN, USA

I've had such a great time in Pokhara, Nepal with ACDF Nepal. The volunteer work was a wonderful experience, I've met so many friendly people + I have always been made to feel welcome at ACDF Nepal, a home away from home...
Just wanted to say a BIG FAT THANKS to Krishna and keep up the good work!
Hope to see you again.

John Austin
Portland, Oregon, USA

My experience with ACDF Nepal is unforgettable. Oh my God...Memory of sarangkot and pokhara, I canot forget. My wife and I were living With a family, in a village west of Pokhara. Everyday, we were teaching English in shree Mani jothi Lower secondary school sarangkot approximately 40 students in every class. it was really have interesting discussions, debates, and talk about more concrete topics in class, such as politics, environment, culture, etc.Iam interesting in carpentry My wife Clara were working in the local sarangkot health post sarangkot. Even if she is practical Medical knowledge was limited when she arrived, the nurses and assistants were really kind with her, teaching her what they knew. From patients' examination to injections, She learned to do everything that can be done in a health post! We donate some fund for health post and some to organization for schooling to poor children.

People from ACDF Nepal were really supportive too. before beginning, they gave us Nepali language classes, introduced Nepali culture and showed us important places around Pokhara. During our volunteer work, they were always present and supportive, giving us teaching materials for our classes and more.

I will never forget what I learned in Nepal, and will always remember My nepali friends and our host family I was placed to mr krishna Timilsina"s family. It was lovely and nice family we get English speaking environment there and we never faced language problems there .Sarangkot is very interesting place to see sun rise and sunset
It is lasting impressive for me. Thanks.

Jhon and Clara
Cambridge U.K.

I cannot describe it in this small pieces of paper Thanks to Mr Krishna , Director of this organization who provide me this chance to write few words about this organization.

I have got some chance to see some activities in rural area.

ACDF staffs welcomed me, touched me and even more, continues to touch me... Here is in some words an outline of what was my environment and my daily activities for the few months spent in this beautiful country…

The introduction in the community made possible with the help of ACDF Nepal, and the NGO (non governmental organisation) was always there during key moments of our volunteering project, although not overprotective, leaving place for us to organize our activities. We were lodged by a familyin kaskikot which was very much involved in the community for the total duration of our training course. Dimension of the family life was if not more important as much as the activities we had during our stay. Since the family and community values are very present and strong within the Nepalese culture, living with people of the community enabled us to be an integral part of the village and thus made the meeting and development of relationships easier. The contact with the culture itself, the life habits, traditions, festivals, etc was thus very strong. The exchanges with the members close to the family were very nice . Kaskikot is very interesting place to stay and everybody feels very easy there.

Sofia Nolasco.

Where should I strats,? Last month, I was in pokhara as teaching volunteer . I was placed to shree Jana Jagrit higher secondary school sarangkot it is 7 K.M. from pokhara. I was amazed at the trust and love the children shared with me after knowing me. The basic day was an early rise followed by exercise. The kids had great energy that needed to be utilized. Then came their class with the English teacher at first. I was able to just sit with the children and provide help with spelling, speech and writing. Dal Bhat came next before heading off to school at ten. When the children were occupied elsewhere I would head into the office to do some paperwork. We would usually have a few games in the afternoon. Such as hide n seek, cycling, drawing and reading. The second time for the English teacher to come was at around half five. I can definitely see the progress they are making which will help them at school. Dal Bhat at 7, followed by more games and the occasional comedy programme on TV. Bedtime was early at 9pm, but remember in Nepal most people are up by round half 5 to 6am. My placement was too short for my liking and I am already planning my second trip in a few years time. My role as older brother and supervisor was demanding but also rewarding at the same time. I recommend voluntary work in Nepal to anyone who is searching for a fantastic opportunity to give something back to the community and come away feeling very fulfilled.Thanks to Krishna for providing me this chance and Krishna small for language teaching .

Lewis Rob

I am pleased to get this chance . Nepal, is wonderful country , friendly and frank people Mr Krishna and other staffs I cannot forget them My one month stay with Krishna and ACDF Nepal .

In the beginning of 2005 it was long lasting .we had nice trekking in Nepal. Lovely place to see there I hope my little help to a community school at Shree Amarjothi Lower secondary school will be fruitful. We handed this fund to school to makes for school Furniture. Thanks to Mr. Krishna to manage all.I will explain details when I back in France this much now.

Robbetro cello
Jacou France.

I am first Japanese for this organization . I work with ACDF Nepal 2 months in Jan 2006 to March 2006. Wonderful time for me . Working at hospital with doctors. It was interesting time for me .People of pokara really I like them.I am serving here as nurse.

Fumie Idio

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