Janai Purnima

Janai Purnima will be celebrated on July 28,2017.  Janai is Sacred Thread. Purnima is full moon day.  So the festival will occur on the full moon day in the month of Shrawan in the Bikram Sambat calendar. RakshyaBandhan, which is celebrated on the same day.  Rakshya means “to protect.” Bandhan is the tie or bond of protection. These sacred festivals are celebrated by Hindus all over the world. On this day, Hindu men, especially the Brahmins and Chettris perform their annual change of Janai, which is a cotton string worn across the chest. It was first given to them as young boys during a long and impressive religious ceremony called Bratabandhan – similar to a Christian Baptism or Christening or Jewish Bar Mitzvah.

Early in the morning, the priests in the village go to the lake or river and perform rituals making the thread sacred.  While reciting mantras over the thread, the Hindu priests dip it in the water. Bratabandhan is basically a formal process of accepting someone into the religion. The Janai initiates the boy into manhood and commands them to devotedly follow the religion and path of truth. The Janai must be worn every day of their life after they listen to the mantra from the guru given during the Bratabandha ceremony. The day before Janai Purnima persons wearing the sacred thread should make themselves “clean” by shaving, cutting their hair and taking a bath or going to the river and dipping themselves three times. Men also undergo a partial fast by taking only one meal of foods considered “clean.”  This means no meat, onions or garlic.