In this program volunteers mainly support formal education and will teach English for 3 to 4 hours each day for 5 days a week in Pokhara and around Pokhara. Besides formal teaching, they will be involved in encouraging students to take initiation and organize extracurricular learning activities for life skills and personal development. Government school children will be 5 to 16 years of age and the number of students per class can range from 20 to 60, however, volunteers will focus a great deal of their teaching groups before and after school.


ACDF Nepal aims to mobilize volunteers with health backgrounds in rural places around Pokhara where people do not have access to any health institute, as the government is not able to provide adequate health services. On the other hand, rural Nepali people are after reluctant to go to the hospital and other modern health services because of orthodox thinking, superstition, and other cultural influnces. some Nepali people may visit a witch doctor when they are suffering from an illness, so they sometimes die without getting the benefit of modern medication.


We are also involved in agriculture sector. We teach farmers abour modern agricultural method and how to maximize productions. We provide regular training in village as agriculture is the main business in Nepal. After completing different training of first week, volunteers will be placed with a Nepali family in one of the program village. The host family will live normally half hour from the school / environmental post. Volunters will teach environmental awarness at the local school club on the door to door of Nepali village each day.

Poverty Eradication

The main aim of ACDF is to eradicate poverty from society and develop self sustained economy. All of our projects in long term will help to eradicate poverty and help to raise the living standard of people. We believe that most of the problems in society are deep rooted to financial causes so if we eradicate poverty then we can focus on creating awareness among people. Together we can develop a prosperous community and whole nation. The role of volunteer in this journey is irreplaceable. You can join in this mission by becoming volunteer or by donating us


The language training to be provided by ACDF Nepal will be given with in the first week of the volunteers arrival in Pokhara. At first, the volunteers will spend their time by learning basic Nepali language classes and some terms (how to adjust into Nepali people) at this class.