Why you should join the mission?

Volunteer abroad Nepal will change your life. Evaluate yourself what you were before embarking on a volunteer journey and after the program. You have come over important hardships like understanding sign languages, living a minimalistic and natural life, living as a part of family etc. The learning of new language culture and value system definitely gives you alternate angle to look at things.

Health Service

We have been continously working in the sector of public health to increase the life standard of locals.

Inner Satisfaction

This is a self awakening process. This is time to relax and plan your days ahead.The experience will give you courage to grow ahead.


During volunteering all local transportation are managed by ACDF so that it is easier for volunteers.

Travel the World

Take part. Visit the community members and smile at them. Listen them and express yourself. To understand a place, one should always be a local like.

Vocational Training

Our long term aim is to develop self sustained economy by providing vocational training to youth in society.

Learn from Memory

The memory based knowledge has its own importance. Learn the age old skills that have been practiced since many years and implement creatively as per your needs

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Current Openings


Annapurna Community Development Forum is looking for volunteer for English teacher. The duty location is Sarangkot, Toripani. As a English teacher volunteer should carry out following activities:

  • Help children improve their English fluency
  • Teach creative English writing to children
  • Teach basic grammar and help students learn English
  • Check students homework

ACDF is looking for Health Assistant in health post in Toripani, Sarangkot. As a Health Assistant volunteer should carry out following activities:

  • Help doctor during the visit
  • Run awareness campaign among locals
  • Good knowledge of medicines
  • Past experience is required

ACDF is looking for Montessori Teacher in Toripani, Sarangkot school. As a Montessori Teacher volunteer should carry out following activities:

  • The teacher becomes the keeper and custodian of the environment.
  • All the apparatus is to be kept meticulously in order.
  • Engage children in creative activities.
  • Encourage children to participate in taking tasks.

ACDF is looking for Technical Assistant in field office in Toripani, Sarangkot. As a Technical Assistant volunteer should carry out following activities:

  • Provide basic vocational training to youth.
  • Help in making choice of technical equipment.
  • Maintenance of machines used in field.
  • Monitor the purchase of machines.

ACDF is looking for Team Leader in field office in Toripani, Sarangkot. As a Team Leader volunteer should carry out following activities:

  • Lead the team for assigned projects.
  • Carry motivation campaign.
  • Work in field of youth empowerment project.
  • Manage projects and volunteers.

Become a volunteer

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