ACDF Nepal’s mission is to help to develop country by promoting of sustainable community development program for this we have following objectives.

To enables communities by providing awareness about education & health in the village to improve their life.

Provide valuable working opportunities, ensuring genuine experiences of different cultures at a cost that most travelers can afford for volunteering work.

To develop the education quality of children through Back to school program and [C.L.C.] Community Learning Centre.

Why choose ACDF Nepal?

We think that our programs are unique compared to others. We believe that we provide a premier service that is transparent, cost effective, personal and flexible. Find out what makes us different from other volunteer organization. It is totally democratic organization.

How is ACDF Nepal funded?

It is founded from kind hearted people, NGO, INGO, besides this our participating volunteers pay for their stay and help support and expand the programs our run with their fees. We are religiously politically and in every aspect completely independent.